There are athletes who climb the ladder of greatness in hopes of fostering a career that will leave an everlasting impression in their respective sport. The goal: To become larger than life. Then there are athletes who achieve this mythical status of sorts, because they ARE larger than life. These are giants who leave us scratching our heads, wondering, “How am I even the same species as this behemoth?”

1. Andre The Giant – Wrestling

There are giants, then there is Andre the Giant. Andre the Giant was a French professional wrestler and an old school star of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). So, what qualifies him as “giant”? For some anecdotal evidence, Hulk Hogan (pictured below) is 6’7”.

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Andre the Giant stood at 7’4” and weighed a whopping… wait for it… 520 lb!

His overwhelming size was a result of acromegaly which, unfortunately, led to an early death at the age of 46. But before he left us, he gave us the star turn as the gentle giant Fezzik in the classic film, “The Princess Bride.”