Sports creates some great memories and some even more amazing pictures. Vintage sports images are snapshots of history that took place on an athletic field rather than a battlefield. They are often watched on a television instead of read about in a textbook. And sports are often a great unifier of people and cultures — a way to level the playing field and put everything else aside. Here are 50 vintage sports photos that capture some of the greatest moments in sports history.

Willie Mays’ Catch

Simply referred to as “The Catch,” Willie Mays’ over-the-shoulder basket catch is arguably the most famous catch in baseball history. During Game 1 of the 1954 World Series between the New York Giants and Cleveland Indians, Mays robbed Vic Wertz of a sure extra-base hit in the eighth inning that kept the score knotted at 2-2.

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Not only did Mays make the crazy, over-the-shoulder grab, he immediately whirled and threw the ball back to the infield to prevent runners from advancing. The Giants would go on to win the game in extra innings and the series in four games. The catch has been immortilazed in film and forms of art ever since.